Stop your pen from walking off

Have you ever had someone ask to "borrow" your pen really quick. Then minutes later as you reach for your pen you realize its has walked off. This is one of the most annoying things for the average pen lover and an absolute fear for those that have spent a fair share on a quality pen. This is also one of the main reasons a lot of peopl do not invest in a quality pen. 

I for one hate this and so I thought of several ways to prevent my pens from walking off. Here are 7 techniques I use to "Stop My Pen From Walking Off".  

1. Hold on to the cap: 

I typically use pens with cap and when someone asks me to use my pen I kindly hand them my pen with out the cap, I hold the cap in my hand. This does two things;

  • First most people will not put a cap-able pens in their pocket without the cap for fear that it might bleed, even subconsciously.  
  • It reminds me that they have my pen. Even if I am distracted when they say thank you and bye or just go to leave. I am reminded by the cap to get my pen back. This single techniques has saved several of my pens.

2.  Swap it out:

Next time someone asks to use your pen, ask for something they would want back in exchange, like their phone or ID (Something important or worth value to them). This way when they are done with your pen they will ask for what every they swapped for it back. Most people will go ask someone else instead but hey you keep your pen. Yes, this is an abrasive technique but it works.

3. Use a spare:

If your day has more "can I use your pen?" than coffee breaks, than your best bet is to buy or find a set of spares. Give them the spare next time you're asked for a pen, who cares if one of those walk off. I typically grab a couple from a bank or a business that gives them out for free and set them in a cup on my desk. 

4. Take a note:

If your at your desk you more then likely have a sticky note or some scrap paper, use it. Nonchalantly write the name of the person that has your pen, this way if they walk off you know who has it. especially if you see multiple people within a few hours. 

5.  Pause for the cause:

Stop and wait for them to finish. Ok this one is a little hard in todays busy world buuuut you can use the couple of seconds to rest you eyes and mind. There are several articles out that say taking couple of minutes to get away from our work is not only healthy but makes us more productive (link below). Soooo use that as an excuse to be healthy, unless its every five minutes.  

The benefits of taking a break:

6. Get a fountain pen:

Most people these days do not know how to use a fountain pen and think it will be to complicated (it really isn't hard to use). This fact alone scares them away from asking to use your pen. Some people look at it as if it is to fancy to use (or alien technology  and choose not to ask to use it. Don't get me wrong a fountain pen does add a look of prestige and may get you noticed by those that pay attention to things like that. 

8. Customize it: 

After the initial flash of anger and panic you feel when you realize your favorite pen is missing. You will realize that identifying your pen will not be hard because your the only one that has one like that.  You can customize your pen simply by adding a brother label with you name on it, or getting it engraved. You can also get a one of a kind hand made pen like the ones we sale here at Xquisit Ink. 

7. If you spent money it you won't forget it. Trust me:

Most people I have spoken to say they will not spend a lot of money on a pen because they fear losing it. Well I will tell you life has shown me when you spend enough on something you will keep track of it.

It is a scitifical fact that when we spend money (cash especially) our brain registers it as pain. The higher the bill the more pain it registers. This is one of the reasons why we treat things we spent a lot of money on (your budget will define what a lot is to you) extra carful because of the initial pain of the purchase and the pain of loss will hurt just as much.  

These are just a few techniques you can use to prevent your pen from walking off. Im sure these 7 aren't the only techniques out there but these are just some Ive used that worked or heard about from others. See what you can come up with but for now maybe one of these will help keep your pen safe.  

Exabian Cammon

Rollerball or Ballpoint? What's the difference?

  The Biro

The Biro

Rollerball or ballpoint, same thing right, is there a difference? The answer, yes. Ballpoint and rollerball pens share a lot of similarities both use a “biro”. A biro is a tiny metal ball, usually 0.5 or 0.7 mm diameter, which transfers the ink from the reservoir onto the paper and allows you to write. This is where the two pens get their names.

Another shared trait is the cap, ah! But there is a difference with this. A ballpoint pen doesn‘t require a cap; the cap is simple there to protect the nib (writing tip of the pen) but it is not a needed item, click pens are example of this. Rollerballs however require a cap. If a rollerball doesn’t have its cap on (while not in use) it exposed and may suffer two risks, drying out and leaking. The reason for this is the ink, which is the major difference between the two.

A rollerball uses a water-based liquid or gel ink, as opposed to viscous oil-based ink found in ballpoint pens. Without the cap the less viscous ink will tend to dry out and/or bleed easier. This less viscous ink allows the ink the ability to flow smoother; thus giving rollerball pens their distinctive fluid writing feeling and quality. Now the ballpoint is not a second runner up. The ink used in ballpoints allows for it to right on different types of surfaces without issue and it doesn’t suffer the issues that the rollerball has, like possible smearing, making it a well-rounded pen.

As pen technology grows the differences between the two pens grows smaller and smaller. I have started to see rollerball click pens and ballpoint pens that write just as smooth and beautifully as a rollerball. Maybe one day they will be one in the same pen and we will call them what some countries refer to them, “ball pens”.